Hey there and welcome to Moms of Color

We are a community organization that places emphasis on Motherhood, Sisterhood, and Business Economics for Women of color. We also pride ourselves on not being afraid to take a political stand because while  motherhood is a beautiful experience, as black mothers there are some things that we must face that aren’t always going to be honey and roses. While Moms of Color likes to keep things light, we also strive to keep things real! We believe that Women of Color have always been the backbones of their community; regardless of all they have endured throughout life on a regular basis. With a strong sisterhood we can make positive changes within our community and our future generation of children. Building our mothers and children up is what we are most passionate about. We aspire to encourage women and children to look at themselves as powerful, capable, and worthy beings in a world that tries to tell them that they are not enough. We look forward to teaming with like-minded organizations and individuals who are interested in dedicating their skills, passions, and experiences to help aid in the growth of our community.
Moms of Color – Our Kids, Our Community, Our Business


Owner, Lakischa Smith